Annie Sloan Gloss Lacquer 

Interior and Exterior Use

Coverage: 204 sq ft


Chalk Paint® Lacquer is a hard-wearing, water-based polyacrylic varnish with built-in UV protection. Use it over Chalk Paint® for a robust finish that will withstand general wear and tear – perfect for dining room tables, outdoor furniture, floors and skirting boards. It goes on clear and dries quickly without yellowing over time. 


Tips and Tricks:
Store the Lacquer upside down before use. This enables the good bits to be released in the Lacquer.
Add about 10% of water into the first coat.
Let dry 2 hours between coats. The second coat should be thin but full strength.
Stir Lacquer well; never shake it. Shaking can introduce bubbles.

For an even application, stir often during use to make sure all the flattening agents evenly distributed. 

Let the final coat dry overnight. 

Curing time can take up to 14 days.


With a water-based Lacquer, you’ll need to work somewhat faster and use a synthetic or sponge brush. If you’re new to Lacquer, I suggest starting with a relatively small project to get the feel of the material and process.



Lacquer does NOT adhere over oil-based products. 

Lacquer can NOT be used over wax. You can wax over Lacquer.

Annie Sloan Lacquer Gloss







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