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Annie in the Nursery

When I first found out we were expecting a baby, my thoughts immediately went to all of the cute baby things I get to buy. Tiny clothes, soft blankets, and beautiful pieces of furniture for her nursery. Then I started shopping, and the reality of the cost of a baby (and the cute stuff that comes along with her), hit me hard. I began trying to think of ways I could save cost, while still providing her with a beautiful space.

This (very old) dresser was just collecting dust in my loft. I realized it looked a lot like the changing tables I have been shopping for with $500 - $1000 price tags. The only thing it was missing was an actual changing pad. The color scheme for my daughter's nursery was blush and white, so the dark brown was not going to work. Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan to the rescue!

We used Pure White to turn the old, dark brown dresser in to a bright, modern piece. Three thin coats gave it a nice full coverage with a smooth finish. There were a few drips near the right hand corner of the dresser. This was easily fixed by sanding and repainting that small area.

The end result was exactly what I was looking for. It was modern and clean, and the perfect piece for my daughter's nursery. We completed the project with crystal pull knobs and a comfortable changing pad for baby.

I love that this changing table will grow with my daughter. When I no longer need the changing pad, I will just remove it and it becomes a normal dresser for her to use for years to come. Thanks to Annie Sloan I was able to create this piece for pennies on the dollar compared to what I would have spent purchasing a new changing table.

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